Adit Kohli
1 min readFeb 19, 2021


Congratulations Jeet for taking the leap! Here are a few nuggets of wisdom from another self-taught designer ...

1. Look deep, really deep into different sites and apps all the time and try to understand the "why" along with the "what" in the approach they took to solve a problem, so instead of ripping something off the shelf, you aspire to "steal like an artist" :)

2. Start to bookmark your favorite design leaders, agencies and product teams based on the work and thought leadership they provide, and use them as the benchmark for your work.

3. Start practicing writing and speaking about your design solutions early on, so you become adept at not only the hard skills - the work stuff, but also the art of articulating the ideas behind the work.

4. Finally try to slot in to any opportunity to work on real-world projects as nothing helps more than the experience of working on real problems with real users ...

I wish you all the best!